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1. Plan a few words on what you might say if you are to encounter a girl. Don’t use them cheesy chat up lines you can find over the internet as she will automatically make a judgement upon you that you’re like every other guy. Be original, comment on her t-shirt if it has a band name on it, ask about traveling – any girl loves to travel. But the main thing is, be original, something that gets a woman talking (we all know that once a woman starts talking, she won’t stop) and then, she’ll fall into your hands…maybe even your bed!

2. When you see a pretty girl you like and may possibly want to fuck, just go in for the kill. It prevents over-thinking and if the girl has already spotted you it gives you a chance to dive in. This shows self confidence in yourself and confidence you have in her to be that special girl; girls love a man with a bit of self-confidence. This is a great tip to make any girl fuck you eventually.

How to know when to make a move on a girl and get a free hook up

1. If you brush up against her and she flinches then this a sign that she’s nervous about you doing so – this girl needs some reassurance so you have to hold her hand and wait for another time. However, if she doesn’t move away, this could be a sign that she’s ready for more.

2. If she moves closer when you do it shows she’s in for it as much as you are, more often than not it means she’s ready for the next step, for you to either touch her or kiss her.

3. If she laughs when you say something funny it shows that they’re interested…whether your jokes are funny or not she will laugh and it usually means she’s instantly been attracted to you.

4. When a girl smiles when you’re talking to her it means she’s hanging on to your every word – and she likes what she sees. This shows she’s ready for you to make a move.

5. If a girl touches you it’s a good sign but make sure you don’t mistake it for a friendly gesture as an interested one. For example, if she playfully hits you on the arm this isn’t a reassurance that she wants to fuck you. But if she touches your cheek or your hand and stares into your eyes, it shows she’s serious. Girls are known to get physically closer to a man that they like, if she’s moving closer to you while you’re talking it’s always a good sign.

6. Lip biting; This is one of the biggest signs of all. Most girls do this if they’re feeling either horny or kinky and are just waiting to jump into your bed. Some do it to show that they’re nervous if they do it often however, if she looks you up and down biting her lip it’s a clear sign she wants you.

7. If she gets serious when you’re face to face shows that she wants you to kiss her. If you were having a funny conversation and she looks at your lips and face longingly and stops talking, move in and kiss her. This could be the first stage in making a girl fuck you.

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